Invisibly ill

Being ill in an incurable disease in the middle of life is a tough blow.

Furthermore, when the disease sneaks on with diffuse and invisible symptoms, the burden becomes even heavier. The care is suspect and questioned and the environment distrusted.

The successful author Karin Alvtegen fell sick six years ago in ME, a neurological disease that few Swedish doctors have knowledge of. Her gripping story is told by award-winning journalist and author Karin Thunberg. Karin Alvtegen describes what it is like to live in the shadow of real life, the grief, but also how she found more and more glimpses of happines the more she accepted that her life had changed.

Generously and warmly, she tells of her new friends online and how close relationships have been strengthened. About the dog Selma and the small pleasures of small life. And about the love of hate for his wheelchair, which has been transformed from an enemy to a possible friend. Invisibly ill tells what it is like to learn to live with an incurable disease, how to rethink your life choices and look at them with new eyes, something we all need to do sometime.